Beds Glossary : G - P of Beds


Hard/Solid Wood Beds:

Hard or Solid Wood, crafted for the frame of the bed, is solid in name and nature, providing the most stable, sustainable bed possible.


Often designed for aesthetic purposes only, the headboard can act as a decorative feature point for the bed while simultaneously providing stability.

High Riser:

Often described as the “Pop-Up Trundle Bed”, the High-Riser is a mechanism underneath a daybed that allows a separate mattress to be pulled out when necessary.

Home assembly:

The building, construction or assembly of separate parts, generally from a flat-packed item, into a single piece of furniture in the convenience of your home.


A low bedroom cabinet including doors and shelves.

Hutch Mirror:

A mirror incorporated into a bedroom cabinet.


Kids' Beds:

Beds designed specifically for children's bedrooms. Generally, accompanying bedroom furniture will be available with the purchase of Kids' Beds

King Size Bed:

Also known as an Eastern King. A 76" x 80" Mattress fits this Bed.


Link Spring deck:

Generally used in the construction of daybeds, the Link Spring Deck system, incorporating intertwined, thin wires, is one of three main deck types used to support the mattress.

Link Spring Frame:

The Link Spring Frame is traditionally a steel frame designed to support the mattress of a daybed. The Link Spring Frame serves as an alternative to a bed-base.

Loft Bed:

A bed removed from the floor, set above a desk or open space, the Loft Bed can often include a built in desk and multiple ladders for access.



As the soft, upper layer of the bed, the mattress may be the most integral ingredient in ensuring a good night's sleep. With mattress technology advancing by the day, customised comfort and support are widely available. The mattress is available in a host of sizes and styles.

Metal Beds:

Bed frames constructed of metal, steel or iron.

Metal & Wood Beds:

Beds constructed of mixed woods or metal, designed and manufactured to provide structural integrity.


A reflective surface to either add a finishing touch to the bedroom, or provide the illusion of larger space.


A modern style is up-to-date with the design of the current era and includes sharp, linear design and simple fabrics. Modesty and modernity tend to go hand-in-hand.



Also known as 'Bed-side Tables', the Nightstand functions as complimentary bedroom furniture, a practical resting place for valuables and a storage unit with pull-out drawers.



An upholstered seat, couch or footrest often including storage space within.



Pillows offer crucial support for the head while sleeping. Available in varying shapes and sizes and manufactured with a host of different materials.

Pillow Top:

The top, pocketed section of the mattress adding extra support and comfort.

Platform Beds:

Consisting of a hard, flat, wooden base in place of a traditional bed-base, Platform beds provide a modern, firm-cushioning alternative in mattress support.

Poly deck:

Constructed of several small supporting coils, the Poly Deck is one of three main types of mattress support.

Poly Inserts:

One of many variable materials used as filling for pillows.

Pop up trundle:

Same as “High Riser” - See above

Pull out trundle bed:

The pull-out trundle bed, similar to the 'high riser', allows one bed to pull out from inside or underneath another bed. Popular in children's bedroom furniture, the pull-out trundle bed is an incredibly practical way to store a second bed.