Beds Glossary: Q - Z of Beds


Queen bed:

Queen is the most common mattress size, ideal for two people sleeping comfortably. The Queen mattress measures 152cm by 203cm (60"W by 80"L).



Available in aluminium, metal or steel, rails provide support for bunk-beds and daybeds.

Real Leather Beds:

Beds made with real leather


Single Beds:

Also known as a Twin Bed. A 38" x 75" Mattress fits this Bed.

Single Ended Frame:

Bed frame that supports just a Headboard.

Slat System beds:

A system of support utilising wooden slats as structure for the mattress and bed-base.

Slatted deck:

Mattress support for daybeds and bunk beds comprising of wooden or metal cross slats.

Sleigh Beds:

A bed resembling the aesthetic design of a sleigh, smooth, curved lines are synonymous with the sleigh bed's design.

Solid Brass:

An alloy of zinc and copper, solid brass makes a unique, unmistakeable statement in traditional bedding design.

Storage Beds: .

Designed with practicality in mind, Storage beds can include either pull out drawers on the front or side of the bed, or storage space beneath the mattress itself.


This is the atmosphere you are trying to set in a room


Throw Pillows:

Decorative pillows usually used on a sofa or daybed, Throw Pillows come in a host of sizes, shapes, colours and designs.

Toy Chests:

No children's bedroom is complete without a toy chest. Often designed to blend into the decor of a kids' room, toy chests can be referred to as benches and will preserve precious space as storage units.


Synonymous with cherry and mohogany woods, Traditional style has historical roots and will generally be built to last.

Trundle Beds:

A low or collapsible bed which is stored under another bed.


Also known as a Single Bed. A 38" x 75" Mattress fits this Bed.


Veneered Wood beds:

Veneered Wood is typically very thin wood utilised in the contstruction of doors, tops and cabinet panels.



Type of bed distinguished by its use of liquid, rather than Coils, for support.

Wood Beds:

Beds furnished entirely from wood, be it solid wood, oak, maple, mohagany or timber.