Has your partner ever?

Jumped into bed late or returned from a ‘wee hours’ toilet visit or just turned over during the night and it makes the bed rock and roll like a ship in stormy waters?

If yes then you are a victim of Partner disturbance!

Partner disturbance is a common problem for couples who sleep together on mattresses where the coil spring system is linked.

The disturbance this causes in the interlinked springs is relayed across the mattress creating unwelcome movement that disturbs and upsets your partner’s sleep.

Above average restlessness, ‘tossing and turning’ or back pain can often stem from your mattress providing poor back support. As you sense pain or discomfort in the hips, shoulders or lower back, your brain (even during sleep) will tell your muscles to shift position. You then gradually resettle yourself and the whole painful process starts all over again.

The upshot is that instead of waking up rejuvenated, you can often wake up feeling like you haven’t been to bed.

For people with bad backs, aching limbs, painful joints, sciatica or circulatory ailments, the problem of not being able to relax properly or rest comfortably is worse again.

The good news is that Forty Winks now has the most advanced range of ‘latex,’ visco and unlinked ‘pocket coil’ mattresses which are specially designed to minimise partner disturbance and help remove painful pressure on sensitive parts of your body. All carefully selected from the pick of Australia’s leading brands.