Finding the Right Bed for You


Finding the Right Bed for YouMost of us spend around one-third of our lives in bed ~ and the quality of the bed we spend it in greatly affects how well we sleep during the night; and how refreshed we awake for the new day ahead.

This is why it's so essential to find the right mattress for your body ~ and to realise that beyond being a purchase that will normally last for around 10 to 12 years, it is a long-term investment in your personal happiness, health and wellbeing.


What equals 'Comfort and Support' is all about Personal Preference

Today, there are all kinds of mattress (or 'mattress and base' ensembles) options you can choose from ~ each using different technologies ~ and each offering varying levels of cushioning, comfort and support. These include innerspring, foam, latex and memory foam in king size beds, queen beds and king beds ~ as well as airbeds.

Which one is exactly right for you is very much a matter of personal preference.

When shopping for a mattress to enhance your sleep quality, it is always wise (within your budget) to aim for the highest quality you can afford. Mattress quality is directly linked to durability and will dictate how long the mattress will keep providing the level of comfort and support you seek.

Always remember too that a 'bed' is a mattress and a base working together ~ so ideally, you should always endeavour to try them and buy them together.

As a rule of thumb, it normally pays to buy the largest bed you can comfortably fit into your room. The bigger the bed, the more room you (and your sleeping partner) have to move in the night without disturbing each other. Note that size not only means the width but also the length of the bed ~ which should be 10-15 cms longer than the tallest sleeper.


Valuable Tips for Testing Mattresses at your nearest Forty Winks Store

  • Never feel embarrassed about trying out as many mattress alternatives as you need to ~ or spending as much as 15 minutes laying on each one to get a true sense of whether a mattress really feels right. At Forty Winks, we not only expect this, we actively encourage it.

  • When assessing any mattress, try to relax into your normal sleeping position.

  • Check that the mattress is supporting your
    entire body
    . It should contour to your shape and there should be no space between you and the bed.

    For example, if you're laying on your back, your spine should be correctly aligned with your body and there should be no gap where your back arches.

  • Sometimes, a bed mattress can be firm to the touch ~ but don't be fooled by a firm outer layer.

  • Always try laying on it to actually see if it gives you adequate support.

  • If you suffer from a bad back, don't assume that a firm mattress is necessarily your best option. Often, medium firmness can be a better choice.

  • If you're buying a mattress that you'll be sleeping on with a partner, test it out with them. The right mattress should prevent you from rolling into each other ~ and also minimise mattress movement that can cause partner disturbance.

  • Along the way, ask questions and seek advice from our highly trained 'on-floor' consultants. They're well versed in all the mattress products and brand options open to you ~ and are only concerned with helping you find the perfect mattress to suit your body.

  • Finally, avoid shopping for a mattress when you're tired ~ this is when any mattress will feel good to you.


Firm, Medium or Soft ~ Your Sleeping Position Can Affect Your Decision

Different degrees of mattress firmness (soft, medium and firm) are particularly suited to the three main sleeping positions ~ side, back, and stomach.

  • If you lie on your stomach, a firm mattress will help keep your spine aligned.
  • Something 'middle of the road' (medium firmness) is generally best suited to back sleepers. It will not only provide support for the shape of your spine, back and neck, but also extra comfort.
  • A soft mattress is normally best if you sleep on your side as the mattress will support and contour to your body's curves.


Buying at Forty Winks is always your Best Choice for Bedding

As Australia's largest specialist bedding retailer, Forty Winks brings you the most comprehensive range of leading brand beds and mattresses available anywhere ~ giving you every opportunity to 'test out the best' and find 'the one' that feels just right. Our incredibly keen prices always offer you genuine savings ~ and for added comfort, the outstanding product knowledge of our professional 'on-floor' consultants further ensures that you are always in a position to make the most informed bedding decision possible.


Types of Bed Mattresses Available

Spring Mattresses

- Standard innerspring mattresses comprise a core of metal springs covered by foam and padding.
- The springs are the part of the mattress that support you and also give the mattress its lifespan ~ so it's important to get a decent quality spring system.
- While different brands of mattresses use different types of spring systems, the overriding factor behind your choice should always be comfort.
- Whereas the springs give the support, the padding provides the comfort; and the type of padding can make a significant difference to a mattress' price. At the premium end of the market more exotic and comfortable materials are used ~ including silk, wool, cashmere, premium foams and latex. At the cheaper end, materials typically include lower grades of foam and reclaimed cotton fibres.


-Whilst it's possible to find some higher quality foam mattresses, most offer little support and should not be slept on regularly. They can, however, provide an inexpensive solution for occasional use in a spare bedroom.


- Luxury mattresses made of latex (natural rubber) are one of the more expensive options. But on the plus side, a pure latex mattress can be expected to last up to 20 years ~ around double the normal lifespan of a spring mattress.

- A latex mattress can also be of real benefit to allergy sufferers as they're less likely to harbour mould and dust mites. As well, these mattresses help reduce partner disturbance.

Memory Foam

- Also known as 'viscoelastic', this special foam mattress reacts to your heat and weight and supports you evenly to help combat pressure points and bedsores. It's called 'memory foam' because it keeps your shape for a while after you get off it.

- A viscoelastic mattress (which has a layer of viscoelastic attached to another material, usually polyurethane foam) or a viscoelastic overlay (to place on your existing mattress) can often make for a very comfortable bed and red

Air Beds or Air Mattresses

- These use air chambers instead of springs for support. Price ranges can vary from very affordable to high-end. Some air beds can even adjust the firmness of the mattress.

Bed Bases

- The bed's base makes a real difference to how well the mattress supports you ~ not just how good it looks in your bedroom. There are three main varieties of base to consider.

Slatted Base:

- This base is a frame with wooden slats arranged from side to side. Slatted bases can come with 'posture slats' which aren't as firm as standard, solid wood.

Built-in Base:

- This is a standard-looking spring mattress, but it comes with a wooden frame already built in to the bottom. The frame has holes in it to screw legs into, meaning there's no need to buy another base.


- This is the most common type of base in Australia. The mattress sits on top of a base (that looks like a second mattress) as one unit. The base of an ensemble will generally offer better support than others.