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Fact: Medical research confirms that many ailments both simple and serious can achieve significant levels of relief by getting a better nights rest via the reduction of pressure.


What is FlexGel and how does it help you?

FlexGel is a revolutionary cellular material that provides:

  • Medically proven muscle and joint pressure release allowing better circulation whilst helping your body to relax

  • Superior airflow and breathability through the mattress to regulate a comfortable sleeping temperature

    • ...not too hot

    • ...not too cold

    • ...just rightTM

  • Minimal partner disturbance – FlexGel greatly reduces the chances of your sleep being disturbed from a restless partner and helps couples when the weight of each person varies to a significant degree

  • Provides hyper-allergenic benefits to help people with allergies get a better sleep

FlexGel Beds have been the subject of a number of research studies on better sleep and spinal alignment conducted in conjunction with the Centre for Spinal & Medical Research at Macquarie University in Sydney.

What beds are in the FlexGel range?

FlexGel™ Genesis

The FlexGel™ Genesis is specially designed to relieve pressure on your joints and provide sound back support, so you wake up feeling fresh and relaxed, ready to face another busy day!
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FlexGel™ Accolade

The FlexGel™ Accolade features a high resiliency foam core for firm durable sleep. This is especially suitable for those who prefer a firmer sleeping surface, From the fabrics to the quilting layers to its superior design you can rest assured of a great night's sleep.
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FlexGel™ Enchanted

The FlexGel™ Enchanted features a Euro Top design combined with the support of a zoned pocket spring system for the ultimate in body contouring comfort and support.
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FlexGel™ Montage

The FlexGel™ Montage combines the best materials designed to provide the healthiest in sleeping comfort with the addition of ecologically friendly natural latex for base support.
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FlexGel™ Individuale 

The FlexGel™ Individuale is designed with the highest quality materials and provides an adjustable sleeping surface for customised comfort. Support is provided with natural latex and foam for a great night's sleep.
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How do you find the right FlexGel bed for you?

Our Comfort Silhouette Imaging (CSI) system can help!

It's impossible to communicate how good FlexGel beds feel without lying on them, which is why we have installed the amazing CSI system at select Forty Winks stores.

Fun and fast, the CSI system uses scientific mapping technology to allow you to physically experience and visually understand the pressure relieving benefits of FlexGel beds. This technology is used worldwide by hospitals and research centres to study the effects of pressure on the body.



The instore CSI system (underneath) shows the incredible support and pressure relieving characteristics of a layer of FlexGel by comparing it with a normal bed. The top mapping image shows the higher density (red) areas of pressure. Whereas the mapping underneath shows the low-density (blue) areas and improved weight distribution properties of FlexGel.

CSI was designed based on the principle of... Every body is different! This remarkable approach to selecting your next bed. It doesn't select the bed for you. The CSI system allows you to make an intelligent purchasing decision based on your own personal body silhouette. This is real medical science that provides you with live accurate data on how your body reacts to pressure. There's only one computer that can make your final mattress purchasing decision and that is the computer that rests between your ears... Your own brain!


What techonology goes into a FlexGel bed to provide you with the best possible sleeping experience?

FlexGel is a revolutionary cellular material that provides medically proven muscle and joint pressure release allowing better circulation whilst helping your body to relax.

FlexGel beds are made using Outlast®, an adaptive system that manages body heat to ensure the ideal sleeping environment.

Originally developed to protect astronauts against extreme temperature fluctuations in space, the system cleverly absorbs body heat when you're too hot and releases it when you're too cold to maintain an effective comfort zone.

More comfort is assured via adaption to body temperature

  • Less overheating - The temperature regulating benefits of the OUTLASTTM fabric developed for NASA combats hot flashes to help provide a more comfortable night's rest.

  • Every movement on FlexGel products gently distributes air throughout the mattress resisting mattress heat build-up.

  • Less sweating

  • Less chill

  • Active temperature regulation

Everyone's sensitivity to temperature changes is different, yet Outlast® is sophisticated enough to adapt itself to the requirements of more than one person.

Partner Disturbance

The unique design of FlexGel creates an individualised zone for each sleeper to relieve the effects of partner disturbance.


The properties of FlexGel itself help reduce the instances of allergens in the air that can irritate and inflame the nasal passages.

Rest Assured

Our network of factories have built more than FIVE MILLION mattresses right here in Australia! Chances are you, or someone in your family is already sleeping comfortably on an A.H. Beard sleep product.

A Heritage of Quality

Superior Sleep Since 1899 is more than a slogan, it's a family heritage! For over 100 years the Beard family have been an Australian institution, and have made building quality sleep products their way of life.