Finding the right mattress is essential to getting a good night's sleep. Your health, happiness and well-being can be determined by the size and quality of your mattress, that's why buying a mattress is a long term decision. Browse the definitions below and click the menu on the left to peruse through some of Australia's best value and highest quality mattresses.


Australian Mattress Sizes
Bed Type Metric Measurements Imperial Measurements
Single Mattress 91.5 cm x 188 cm 3'0" x 6'2"
Single Long Mattress 91.5 cm x 203 cm 3'0" x 6'8"
King Single Mattress 107 cm x 203 cm 3'6" x 6'8"
Double Size Mattress 137 cm x 187 cm 4'6" x 6'2"
Queen Size Mattress 153 cm x 203 cm 5'0" x 6'8"
King Size Mattress 183 cm x 203 cm 6'0" x 6'8"

queen mattress

Measuring 153cm x 203cm, the Queen Mattress fits the Queen Size Bed and provides optimal sleeping space for two people.

single mattress

Measuring 91.5cm x 188cm, the Single (or Twin) Mattress fits the Single Size Bed.

king mattress

Measuring 183cm x 203cm, the King Mattress fits the King Size Bed and provides the largest sleeping area amongst traditional beds on the market today.

double mattress

Measuring 137cm x 187cm, the Double (or Full) Mattress fits the Double Size Bed. The standard length of the Double Mattress makes it less suitable for taller individuals than the Queen Mattress.

latex mattress

Designed to improve breathability, durability and provide the most luxurious sleeping surface imaginable, Latex Mattresses are among the most popular on the market today.


The most common design in mattress construction, the Spring Mattress is created using tempered coiled springs and layered insulation for maximum comfort and durability.


The coils are spirals of wire within an innerspring mattress designed to form the supportive core of the bed.


Supplementary padding used in mattresses for additional comfort. Common foam types include polyurethane, latex and memory foam.

mattress support

Refers to the structure created by different elements working together within a mattress. Mattress Support is designed to maintain the integrity of the mattress and structural alignment of the spine while sleeping.

spinal relief

Refers to a mattress’ ability to relieve pressure from the spine by evenly distributing weight while sleeping.

relief mattress

The Relief Mattress allows for even weight distribution across the entire surface of the mattress, in turn, relieving pressure from the spine. Additional benefits of Relief Mattresses include reduced partner disturbance.

visco elastic

Also known as Memory Foam, Visco Elastic is a slow-recovering, high-density polyurethane foam developed to contour the shape of the body. Depending on the level of density, Visco Elastic Foam can create a firm or soft mattress surface.


Pillowtop refers to the top, pocketed section of the mattress adding extra support and comfort.


In mattress upholstery, refers to padding used underneath the mattress Cover to create its Quilted appearance.

synthetic fibre

Synthetic Fibres, used extensively in the manufacturing process of mattresses, are the result of extensive scientific research to improve upon naturally occurring elements.

Air Mattress

An inflatable mattress filled with air, designed for quick installation for overnight guests, camping trips, caravans and holiday homes. Ideally not used for permanent use.


The soft, upper layer of the bed made from springs, latex, wool foam and varying types of material.


Commonly misspelt, a 'mattress' is the soft, upper layer of the bed made from foam, latex, springs, wool and varying types of material.

Mattress Store

A retail outlet allowing you to buy a mattress and bedroom furniture accessories.

Mattress Shop

Similar to a mattress store, a mattress shop can display a mattress sale, bedding sale, bedroom furniture sale, kids's furniture sale, pillow sale and manchester sale.