Mattresses Glossary: G - P of Mattresses



A measurement of the thickness of the wire used in a Coil. The lower the gauge, the thicker/heavier the wire.


Also referred to as a 'Grid Top', the Grid is a steel lattice surface connecting the coils in a bed base.


Hard-Sided Waterbed

The traditional waterbed bladder enclosed in a wooden foundation to maintain structural intergrity of the mattress.


A derivative of the word Helix for its shape, Helicals are spirals of wire used to secure adjacent coils in Innerspring Mattresses.

Hog Ring

A metal ring utilised to secure the edge of the cover to the mattress itself.

Hospital Bed

See Adjustable Bed.


Commonly referred to as a 'Soft-Sided Waterbed', the Hybrid contains a water-filled core while retaining traditional mattress upholstery.

Hydraulic Waterbed

Contrary to traditional waterbeds, the Hydraulic Waterbed design allows for greater support by controlling the flow of water between several compartments.


A term to describe objects that have a decreased likelihood of provoking an allergic reaction.


Independent Coil

Also known as 'Pocket Coil', an Independent Coil design allows independent coil movement by individually wrapping each coil in its own pocket.

Indentation Force Deflection (IFD)

A measurement of the firmness of foam.


The most common design in mattress construction, the Innerspring Mattress is created using tempered coiled springs and layered insulation for maximum comfort and durability.

Inner Quilt

Refers to the layer of quilting beneath the pillow-top in a mattress.

Inner Tufting

The combining of layers of padding beneath the quilted cover of a mattres to prevent movement of the padding.

Innerspring Mattress

See Innerspring.

Innerspring Unit

The coils, helicals and border rods comprising the entire spring and wire section of an Innerspring Mattress.


Materials such as Fibre or Foam placed on both the top and bottom of a traditional innerspring unit to prevent the merger of the upholstery and the coils.


King Mattress

Also known as an Eastern King. A 76" x 80" Mattress fits this Bed.

King Split

Refers to a bed consisting of Twin Extra Long mattresses.


Refers to a more fluid, stretchable knitted fabric used in mattresses.


Latex Mattress

A premium, spongy material produced from either natural or synthetic rubber, Latex is durable, environmentally friendly and, when used in mattresses, instantly responds to the natural contours of the body.


See Safety Liner.


Term that describes the height of a material or padding.

Low-Profile Foundation

A thinner foundation designed to accompany an extra-thick mattress.


Marshall Coil

See Pocketed Coil.

Mattress Handles

Positioning handles created from fabric or cord, sewn into the exterior of the mattress' upholstery.

Memory Foam

A slow-recovering, high-density polyurethane foam developed to contour the shape of the body. Depending on the level of density, memory foam can create a firm or soft mattress surface.


The gradual displacement of fibres throughout a mattress.

Modular Coil/Modular Grid

Often referred to as a 'Torsion Grid', a Modular Grid is a square wire coil applied to mattress foundations to reduce lateral movement.


See Torsion Bars.

Motion Separation

The degree of partner disturbance in any particular mattress; how greatly movements on one side of the bed are felt on the other.


The attachment of a bed-base to a wooden or metal bed frame.

Multi-Needle Quilting

Also referred to an 'Continuous Quilting', Multi-Needle Quilting uses multiple needles to form a continous, tight pattern and a firmer mattress.


Natural Latex

Softer, more elastic latex produced from serum of the rubber tree.

No-Flip Mattress

A mattress designed with a sleeping surface on only one side.


Offset Coil

Hourglass-shaped Innerspring Mattress Coil with flattened edges at the top and the bottom for a more efficient hinging action.

Olympic Queen

A slightly wider bed than a standard Queen Mattress, measuring 66"W by 80"L.

Open Coil

Hourglass-shaped wire coil.



The sturdy base for the platform foundation of a Hard-Sided Waterbed designed to distribute weight evenly.


The top, pocketed section of the mattress adding extra support and comfort.

Pincore Holes

Refers to cylindrical holes within a latex mattress designed to soften the surface of a mattress.

Platform Bed

Consisting of a hard, flat, wooden base in place of a traditional bed-base, Platform beds provide a modern, firm-cushioning alternative in mattress support.

Platform Foundation

Also known as a Poly-Box, the Platform Foundation is generally a wooden construction containing no coils or torsion bars.


A level of comfort, typically used when referring to supreme softness.

Pocketed Coils

Also known as 'Independent Coils', a Pocketed Coil design allows independent coil movement by individually wrapping each coil in its own pocket.


See Platform Foundation.

Posture Box

A spring-free, wooden-framed foundation that has no wire coil support system and is covered with ticking.

Posture Zone

Refers to the critical centre third of the innerspring mattress where added support is paramount.


Refers to various types of support in the critical center third of an innerspring mattress.

Pressure Points

Specific points in the body where blood flow can be restricted. Memory foam and pressure-relieving mattress technology work together to absorb pressure from these critical points during sleep.

Prorated Warranty

A specific type of warranty that does not cover the full purchase price or replacement value after a certain period of time.

Pure Latex

Generally viewed as the highest quality latex for the construction of mattresses.