Mattresses Glossary: Q - Z of Mattresses


Queen Mattress

Queen is the most common mattress size, ideal for two people sleeping comfortably. The Queen mattress measures 60"W by 80"L.

Queen Split

A bed consisting of two mattresses, each 30" wide x 80" long.


The top layer of padding inside the mattress, designed to provide additional comfort and breathability.


Recovery Time

A measurement of speed (or lack thereof) referring to foam's ability to return to it's natural shape.


The ability of material such as springs or foam to return immediately to their original form.



Often confused with 'Body Impressions', sagging refers to a long-term loss of support in any particular section of a mattress.

Safety Liner

Precautionary lining of waterbed's bladder preventing leaks and punctures.


Refers to a specific style of Portable Air-Bed filled which expands as air is let into the mattress.


A foundation utilising a grid of wires for structure within the mattress.

Semi-Fowler Position

A reclining position, often encountered with daybeds or futons, where the mattress reclines at a 45-degree angle.


Unlike a free-flow waterbed where the flow of water is un-inhibited, the Semi-Waveless waterbed is a fibre-filled waterbed designed to stifle the motion of water to a certain degree.


The mattress and bed-base or foundation.

Single Bed

Also known as a Twin Bed. A 38" x 75" Mattress fits this Bed.

Single Extra Long

See Twin Extra Long.

Single-Needle Stitching

A stitching style where layers are stitched with one long needle and the final result is a firmer mattress surface.

Slatted Base

Also known as a 'Built-Up Foundation', the Slatted Base is a support system for the mattress consisting of a wooden base and slats.

Sleep Set

A general term to describe the combination of foundation, mattress, headboard, footboard and bed frame.

Soft-Sided Waterbed

Commonly referred to as a 'Hybrid', the soft-sided waterbed contains a water-filled core while retaining traditional mattress upholstery.

Smooth Top

Non-quilted mattress cover

Spring Mattress

The most common design in mattress construction, the Spring Mattress is created using tempered coiled springs and layered insulation for maximum comfort and durability.

Spring Wire

Refers to the strong, durable wires used to make the Coils in an Innerspring Mattress.

Stress Relief

See Tempering.

Super Single

A wider, longer version of the standard twin (single) mattress measuring 48"W by 84"L.


Refers to the attributes of a mattress that maintain the structural integrity of the spine while sleeping.

Support System

The basic supporting structure of the mattress, including coils, foam or air.

Synthetic Latex

Petroleum-based latex considered slightly stiffer and more resilient than natural latex.


Tack and Jump Quilting

Process of quilting utilising multiple needles to create a softer, more comfortable sleeping surface.


The process of softening the latex by whipping it with air until it becomes wet Foam.

Tape Edge

The seam running along the edges of the mattress' surface.


Process of heating and cooling mattress coils to ensure that once they compress, they quickly return to their original shape and position.


Also referred to as a 'Cover', Ticking refers to any fabric encasing the mattress.

Torsion Bars

Heavy, rigid, 90 degree wire bars within the foundation of a bed designed to provide support for an Innerspring Mattress.

Torsion Module Foundation

Type of foundation utilising torsion bars rather than box-springs to relieve pressure placed on the mattress.


Stitching designed to secure the padding layers of a mattress.


Also known as a Single Bed. A 38" x 75" Mattress fits this Bed.

Twin Extra Long

Mattress size that measures 39"W by 80"L. Sometimes referred to as single extra long.



Similar to the semi-waveless mattress which stifles the flow of water within a waterbed mattress, the ultra-waveless waterbed contains a greater degree of fibre and further decreases the free flow of water.


See Upholstery Layers.

Upholstery Layers

The padding, foam and fibres between the support system of an innerspring mattress, designed to maximise cushioning and comfort.



Refers to metal or plastic eyelets within the sides of a mattress allowing the free-flow of air throughout.

Visco-Elastic Foam

See Memory Foam.



Also referred to as a Headboard Hugger, Wall-Huggers are adjustable, electrical beds maintaining a closeness between the head of the bed and the bedside tables, regardless of a reclined of flat position.


A statement indicating the terms of protection and mutual obligation following a purchase.


Type of bed distinguished by its use of liquid, rather than Coils, for Support.

Whisper Quiet

Term referring to an the acute degree of noise.

Working Turn

A degree to which a mattress coil is wound.