Nature's Rest Beds, Mattresses, Pillows and Sleep Products

Nature's Rest features World Class Quality Latex. Nature’s Rest provides a pressure relieving specialty bed that incorporates an Eco-Friendly design.

The Perfect Sleep Environment

Sleep on a Nature’s Rest bed for one night and you will wonder how you ever slept without one. Nature’s Rest Latex has thousands of ventilation channels to move heat away from the sleepers body. It also distributes your body weight evenly and eliminates pressure points that cause restlessness during the night – resulting in decreased aches and pains caused by insufficient support.

Natures Rest Bed and Mattress choices available at Forty Winks stores:

Natures Rest - Heather Firm

Support with the least amount of give and is considered harder in feel than all other mattresses, providing a firmer sleep surface. more info...

Natures Rest - Jasmine Plush

Cushioned comfort while still providing substantial support. A larger and more open-surface quilt pattern is a main feature and helps to achieve a more cushiony sleep surface. more info...

Natures Rest - Cypress Luxury

Nature’s Rest Cypress. This pillowtop bed uses natural latex to create nature’s duvet, a sleep surface made up of latex micro pillows. more info...

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Sometimes a discovery comes along that is "no-brainer". A discovery that seems insignificant because it is so simple…in this case it is more like a new realisation. Nature's Rest pressure mapping computers equate to a logical sequence of events in sleeping that may help the process of selecting the right comfort choice in a new mattress.

Natural Comfort Sleeping Positions…What's yours?

When testing out a bed or mattress, the tendency is to lie flat on your back and stare at the ceiling wondering, okay…now what? Here’s a few things we found out.

  1. Sleeping on the back usually produces less pressure but rarely is the position of choice for getting to sleep.

  2. Curling up on your side is the most preferred, but both sides are NOT equal.

  3. Everyone has a unique sleeping position that optimizes comfort and brings on sleep faster.

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