Our People

Theo Thanogiannis, together with his mother, father and two brothers, own three stores in New South Wales (Penrith, Castle Hill and Campbelltown).

Theo and his family first became Forty Winks franchisees in 2006.

He said that Forty Winks was an obvious choice for his family because of the support it received from the brand.

“Forty Winks is a family and promotes family and community,” Theo said.

“Forty Winks works with us at local level to promote the brand to our community and to ensure that the products we offer support our demographic.

“They provide outstanding support to ensure we are always ahead of the pack, including product exclusivity, infrastructure and consistent marketing both nationally and locally.

“When my family decided to work together in business, Forty Winks was the strongest industry brand nationally and they embraced us into their family,” Theo said.