Back Care

5 Back Care Tips:

1.  Maintain a healthy weight to reduce the load on your spine and back muscles.
  • Exercise by walking or swimming regularly.
  • Watch your posture; try not to slouch or slump.
  • Stretch regularly to reduce stiffness and increase mobility.
2.  Place a support in the small of your back when driving or sitting at a desk.
3.  Be careful when lifting; make sure the load is not too heavy or too large.
  • Try frequent gentle stretches to reduce the strain on your back.
4.  Keep moving, even if you have an episode of back pain.
5.  Consider whether your bed is providing the support you need at night.

Back Pain – The Stats:

Statistics show that back pain affects almost 80% of Australian people at some point in their lives. One of the major causes is sleeping on the wrong bed. That is a bed that fails to give correct chiropractic and orthopaedic back support.

Back Pain – The Facts:

Your back supports a complex system of vertebrae, discs, joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerves ~ and our spine is naturally designed to work well in an upright position. But the moment we lie down (especially in beds that fail to provide proper back support), the spinal components are subjected to considerable stresses and tension. This lack of back support can aggravate an existing ‘bad back’ condition leading to back pain problems and costly visits to chiropractors.

So the overriding requirement everyone has is to select a bed with the orthopaedic and chiropractic attributes needed to maximise back care.

This means having a quality mattress which will minimise muscular and skeletal stress ~ adjust to your individual body weight ~ contour to your body shape ~ and allow you to maintain a sleeping posture where your spine stays straight and correctly aligned.

To enjoy proper back support, you should be able to lie on the bed and feel level. At the same time however, you don't want a bed that is too hard or too soft.


Take a look at the following suggestions:

1.  Selecting the right Mattress – latex bed, foam mattress or special chiropractic beds for the
best back support
2.  Sleeping Positions Affect the Pain You Feel
3.  Proper Neck Support is essential for a Good Night’s sleep.
4.  Buying at Forty Winks is always your Best Choice for Back Care
reduce the load on your spine
Back Pain - The Facts

Selecting the right Mattress – latex bed, foam mattress or special chiropractic beds for the best back support

Today, there are many different types and styles of mattress to choose from ~ all using different technologies and all offering varying levels of firmness and back support. Our latest catalogue has a great range of beds that will allow you to choose from the latest technology in mattresses to quality budget conscious decisions that offer the beds for your needs.

‘The one’ with the luxury and back support that is just right for you depends entirely on what you personally find most comfortable ~ and you can only truly judge this by physically trying out and comparing the host of leading brand alternatives available at any of Forty Winks 90 stores nationwide.

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New Research:

If you do currently suffer from a bad back, new research published in the medical journal The Lancet, puts to bed long-held beliefs that hard mattresses are necessarily the best to sleep on. Indeed, it found that softer ‘medium firm’ mattresses put less pressure on the shoulders and hips and allow the spine to be kept straight.

Remember a good foundation (or base - ensemble) is as important to effective back care as a good mattress. It’s never wise put a new mattress on an old foundation. So when you select your mattress, purchase its companion foundation. The two are designed to work together to deliver maximum comfort and support.

Be aware also that if you tend to go to bed pain-free and wake up with pain, the cause of the problem may not only lie in what you are sleeping on but also the position you are sleeping in.

Sleeping Positions Affect the Pain You Feel

The only position to sleep on that will not cause pain and stiffness is sleeping on your side and alternating between the left and right side.

When you lie on your back the lumbar spine tends to flatten and this causes the back to become stiff and painful if it stays in this position for too long.

When you lie on your stomach the lumbar spine develops a greater curve than normal and this too can cause pain and stiffness if done for prolonged periods.

To find the right bed for you, you need to try a range of beds that are best suited to support you (and your partners) preferred sleeping position.

Proper Neck Support is essential for a Good Night’s sleep.

The other thing which can cause painful problems is the type and shape of pillow you sleep on for 8 or so hours every night. If it does not support your neck properly you will often wake up with a stiff and sore neck.

The ‘right orthopaedic pillow’ to use is dependent on which position you normally sleep in. So you need to look for a pillow that will support you while you are sleeping in your preferred position. This should be contoured to ensure your neck has as much support as your head and that your spine stays neutral. The key is to find a pillow that is the correct height for you and has the right firmness to provide proper support.

Buying at Forty Winks is always your Best Choice for Back Care

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Sleeping Positions Affect the Pain You Feel
Proper Neck Support is essential for a Good Night’s sleep.