Sleepmaker Beds and Mattresses

Sleepmaker 'Allegra' range - Exclusive to Forty Winks

Foam layers plus Sleepmaker's famous Miracoil Classic spring system across the full width of the mattress.

Plush feel high density cushioning works in unison with Sleepmaker’s Miracoil Classic support system to deliver overall body support and durability.

Whatever your needs or preference in feel, there's a Sleepmaker mattress to suit you. 

Miracoil 5 Zoned Spring System

The Miracoil 5 Zoned Spring System offers 5-zones of differing comfort and support where you need it most, creating “hip-cradle” support that maintains correct spinal alignment during sleep.

Spring and helical wires run down the length of the bed from head to toe to ensure weight is transferred down the length of the mattress, resulting in less partner disturbance.

Comfort Edge support reduces the ‘roll out of bed’ feeling and solidifies the structural integrity of the entire sleeping surface.

The Sleepmaker Duracoil Plus Spring System features head to toe continuous coil springs providing excellent support and minimising partner disturbance.

Support System
The Duracoil Plus® continuous spring system has almost twice the coils of conventional spring systems, helping provide additional support in the lumbar area to help maintain natural spinal alignment.

Quality comfort layers and fabrics have been used to ensure a comfortable and durable sleep surface, so you can enjoy an amazing night’s sleep for many years to come.

Edge Support
By increasing the wire thickness in the outer two rows, Firm Edge™ provides a firmer seating edge, increases the useable sleeping space, and helps to prevent that ‘roll out of bed’ feeling.

Matching Base
The matching foundation underpins the Duracoil Plus® mattress to provide a more durable and supportive sleep foundation.

What are the standard sizes of Sleepmaker Beds?

Sleepmaker makes beds in six standard sizes:


Size Metric Imperial
Single 92 x 188 3’ x 6’2”
Long Single 92 x 204 3’ x 6’8”
King Single 107 x 204 3’6” x 6’8”
Double 138 x 188 4’6” x 6’2”
Queen 153 x 204 5’ x 6’8”
King 183 x 204 6’ x 6’8”


Sleepmaker’s track record:

1. Forty Winks only stock quality beds from manufactures who have a great track record in the bed/mattress manufacturing business.

  • Sleepmaker in Australia have over 70 years experience in the bed manufacturing industry.

2. Sleepmaker beds are designed and manufactured in Australia.

3. Sleepmaker have seven manufacturing plants around Australia and New Zealand and employ over 500 staff.

  • This allows Sleepmaker to meet local market demand and needs and follow up any product enquiries in a timely and professional manner.

4. Sleepmaker ensure the research and development that goes into their products extend the boundaries of traditional comfort and support offerings.

5. The Sleepmaker range boasts features such as soft and luxurious fabrics with designs from Belgium and Italy, multiple comfort choices covering every possible comfort need and of course, our leading support systems. All delivering a great nights sleep.