The Opportunity

For more than 25 years, Forty Winks have enjoyed steady and sustained growth through its successful franchise model. Now with more than 90 stores Australia wide, Forty Winks plans to significantly grow its number of stores across the country, ensuring its continued dominance as the leading bedding specialist in the Australian market.

Forty Winks’ retail success is driven by its aggressive advertising and marketing campaign which saturates local and national television, radio and print media.

Forty Winks franchisee partners have a wealth of support at their fingertips through the experience and knowledge of the national franchise support office team, which operate as a not-for-profit business, driven and motivated by watching the franchisees grow their business and achieve personal wealth.

The Forty Winks team recognises that the success of any franchise very much depends on the success of its franchisees.  For this reason, Forty Winks provides its franchises with a host of support services, including ongoing product research and development, high level training, reporting systems, marketing and leadership, and much more.

At Forty Winks, we are of the firm opinion that franchising provides a new business with a far greater opportunity for long-term success and prosperity than an independent. This is achieved because of:

  • A recognised brand
  • The security of a proven franchise system
  • A proven record of successful businesses
  • Access to ongoing support from experts in appropriate business fields
  • Group strength in purchasing and marketing