The Story

Forty Winks was founded in Melbourne in 1984 by an experienced group of bedding retailers who had cut their teeth working for a rival franchise company.

The Forty Winks founders were so confident they had the ‘right formula’ for retail and franchise success, they staked their own business reputations and family finances on following their dream to create Australia’s leading bedding retailer.

Their bold move to begin a new franchise family has paid off. The business has grown from a handful of stores across Melbourne in the 1980s to its current status of an iconic Australian brand with more than 90 stores Australia-wide. And Forty Winks is continuing to grow.

Forty Winks is 100 per cent owned by its franchisees, and many of them are entrepreneurs in their own right who have reinvested in the brand and become multi-store franchisees.

The franchisees commitment to the brand is largely due to the fact that Forty Winks provide them with a unique formula that continually supports them on their journey to success. The large majority of franchisee fees are reinvested back into the business to support the stores with marketing and media.

Forty Winks is unique in that the National Support Office operates as a not-for-profit business which puts all its resources into helping franchisees grow their businesses and achieve personal wealth. Franchisees are also encouraged to contribute to the decisions made by the group, by joining marketing and product committees.

Over the past five years, Forty Winks has enjoyed a major growth surge that is set to continue into the next decade.