How do I care for my child’s bed?

The top 5 tips on bed care for kids beds and mattresses to help their bed last.

Here are some fast tips for taking care of your children’s bed.

1. Flip and rotate regularly

Make sure you flip sprung mattresses (except those described as non-turn) each week within the first month of use. After this, turn every three months or as per manufacturer's instructions.

2. Create a hygienic environment 

Put freshly washed, protective covers on the mattress and pillows every few months. Regularly vacuum the mattress and base to remove dust and fluff and eliminate dust mites.

3. Don’t sit on the edge of your child's bed

This weakens the perimeter of the mattress and base by concentrating weight in the same small area.

4. Update your mattress as your child grows

It’s recommended that parents change their child's bed and/or mattress at significant growth periods. Depending on the child, this may require several bed changes as they move from toddler to teenager.

5. Ask your child if their bed is comfortable

And when it needs replacing, involve them in choosing a new one. This helps educate them about bed selection. With expert help from a Forty Winks consultant, your child can test the mattress and find the one that suits them best.