Sleeping in a Heatwave

Trouble sleeping in the heat? These simple tips may help you beat the heat and get a decent nights sleep.

Some simple cool ideas

Not everyone has airconditioning, let alone the luxury of airconditioning in the bedroom. 

We have all been there at some stage in our lives... the early rental flat you moved into, the home you haven't quite finished renovating yet... the holiday rental you thought had all the creature comforts....

Bedrooms, being a smaller space, tend to heat up quickly and don't always offer good cross ventilation airflow.  It can make for a difficult and frustrating time trying to get some shut eye.

These 5 very simple and easy tips may help you get some sleep when the mercury refuses to fall below 30!.

Ice Queen

Place a baking dish or container of ice in front of your fan and driect the airflow directly onto the ice.  This will create a nice cool breeze that will last after the ice has melted.

Quick Freeze

Place some towels in a plastic bag then place in the freezer for aorund an hour before you go to bed.  When you're ready for bed lay the towels on top of your sheet and then lay on top.  This is an instant cooling pad and will help to drop your body temperature and wick away body moisture.

Easy Breezy

It's on old tried and true method.  Place a damp cloth (face washer or tea towel) over your fan and direct to cool air directly onto you.

Tip!: Use chilled water and keep the cloth in the fridge for a while and have a couple of back ups. 

Ello Aloe

Aloe Vera has great cooling properties.  Keep some Aloe Lotion in the fridge and moisturise before bed.  The Aloe will help replenish lost moisture and cool the body down.

Spritz away

Keep a chilled bottle of water in a spray bottle in the fridge.  Spritz your face and body as you try to sleep.  Just be sure that if you recyle a cleaning spray bottle you wash thoroughly beforehand.