Three Design Factors to Think About Before Renovating Your Bedroom

Renovating your bedroom? Before you get started, plan for these three things.

Thinking about renovating your bedroom? Without careful planning, the renovation process can quickly become arduous and costly, here are three design factors to think about before you begin.

1. Space and storage

Reconfiguring the layout of your bedroom requires careful thought and planning. If you have limited space to work with, think of ways you can utilise space-saving furniture such as a bedhead with built in shelves and hidden storage units. Be realistic about the size of your bedroom and what you can and cannot have in your space, drafting a floor plan with accurate measurements can help you avoid buying furniture or décor that takes up too much or too little space and allow you to visualise the features of your bedroom that you'd like to highlight.

Above: Newport bed frame with bedhead LED light

2. Having a focal point

Creating a focal point in your bedroom can help elevate its style and detract from any unattractive features, as well as help you decide where to place your furniture. To create a focal point, accentuate an existing element in your room that is already prominent, such as floor-length windows, an old fireplace, or large wall space by drawing attention to it. For instance, if you have large empty wall space think about hanging a framed statement print, floor-length windows can be 'dressed up' with draped curtains in a bold colour or print and an old fireplace can be painted in a more contemporary colour and highlighted with an oversized mirror. Creating a focal point doesn't have to be costly and can help give your bedroom a more stylish look and feel.

Above: City Collection bedhead

3. Ventilation and heating

For the ultimate sleep sanctuary, ventilation and heating need to be at the optimal level. According to studies, the ideal bedroom temperature is between 15°C and 20°C for staying asleep all night. Consider heating and ventilation options that can allow you to control the temperature of your bedroom, such as a heat pump.

Above: Sofia bedhead

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