Kids sleep routines

Helping your children to establish sleep habits early benefits the whole family. Most importantly, it aids their mind and body development for years to come.

Quality sleep is essential for your child's mental and physical growth and development. Helping them establish sound sleep habits from an early age will benefit their health, mood and general wellbeing – and yours too!

Learning how to sleep has lifelong benefits

Achieving 'good sleep' is a skill that all children must learn. Take the time to teach your child about the following benefits of a good night’s sleep:

  • Sleeping results in the release of the growth hormone that encourages development.
  • Sleep aids brain function and concentration. This means kids are better able to process and make sense of what they’re learning at school and experiencing daily.
  • Good sleep has detoxifying effects that help with brain development and promote emotional and mental health.

What happens when you have little or poor long term sleep?

Every day stresses and pressures of modern day life contribute to decreased sleep time, which may be harmful down the track. There’s also evidence that points to the damage caused to children and young adults from not getting enough sleep, ranging from:

  • weight gain
  • depression
  • diminished concentration
  • lower levels of creativity
  • reduced immunity to combat illness and disease.

Developing your knowledge of what helps to nurture good sleep habits is the best method to prevent lack of sleep becoming a bad dream.