Personalise your comfort no matter what side of the bed you're on

There’s no one size fits all when it comes to comfort.  iComfort provides individual adjustable comfort control, allowing you to select and adjust the firmness level on each side of the mattress at any time to suit you.

iComforts integrated sleep tracking technology and accessories are all designed to help you sleep better and give you more insights to you or your partners sleep.

Individual, Intelligent and Intuitive, iComfort knows how well you’ve slept and analyses your sleep data to calculate your nightly sleep score.  iComfort provides personalised sleep tips and advice directly to your smart phone, to help you improve your sleep night after night.

Create your iComfort Sleep System

There are three iComfort mattresses to choose from. Each features adjustable support core technology to suit your individual comfort needs.

iComfort cradles the curves of your body to provide support where you need it, whilst the advanced technology in micraCOOL™ smart fabric draws heat and moisture away to keep you sleeping comfortably.

iComfort also gets the tick from the National Asthma Council Australia’s Sensitive Choice program providing long term protection against mould, mildew and bacteria so you can rest easy in a healthier sleep environment.

Add a Genius adjustable base for complete personalisation of your bed to suit your needs and provide the ultimate comfort and relaxation space.


iComfort knows you almost as well as you do.. With advanced sleep tracking, iComfort analyses how well you’ve slept and uses this sleep data to provide you with a personal nightly sleep score. The integrated RestOn sleep tracking device monitors your heart rate, respiration, movement and sleep cycle with up to 96% accuracy.

Your daily, weekly and monthly sleep data can be accessed through the A.H. Beard Sleep Tracker app. Once armed with this insight, you can make informed changes to your mattress firmness to find the setting that delivers your best sleep.



At the touch of a button, iComfort’s innovative adjustable support core allows you to change the firmness on each side of the mattress at any time. From very firm to plush, iComfort gives you the fexibility to adjust the firmness level to suit your individual comfort needs.

To further customise your sleep experience, partner your iComfort with a Genius adjustable base. Find your ideal position for sleeping or relaxing or just put your feet up after a long day. Both the Genius adjustable base and iComfort mattress can easily be controlled via the A.H. Beard MyBed app.



iComfort identifies factors that are affecting your quality of sleep and provides you with intuitive sleep tips and advice directly to your smartphone. 

No more guesswork, make informed changes to your mattress comfort, sleep position or lifestyle habits to improve your sleep night after night. 


iComfort Accessories

Ever woken up not feeling like you did not have a great sleep but cant explain why?  Or have trouble falling asleep or waking up?  Sleep technologies and accessories have progressed beyond science fiction to become a part of the everyday bedroom.  Accessories in the iComfort range are designed to give you more data and insights around the type of sleep you get and help you achieve the perfect sleep.

Accessories include:
RestOn Sleep Tracker
Nox Light
Sleep Dot

The iComfort Range

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