Your bedMATCH profile matches you and your partner to a customised My Side mattress built specifically to your individual needs exclusive to Forty Winks.

Personalise your side of the bed with My Side™.

My Side Technology™ combines state-of-the-art materials with the latest scientific findings to deliver ideal postural support and pressure relief so you and your sleep partner can stay in one position longer for a deeper night's sleep.

Backed by decades of scientific research, our revolutionary My Side mattress sleep systems rely on bedMATCH technology to determine the most appropriate support level for every body type and sleeping position.

Scientifically recommended support.

bedMATCH matches you to a My Side support system that has been engineered to provide the best total body support for your body and sleeping style so you can enjoy lasting, healthy sleep with minimal partner disturbance.

Sleep soundly without compromising.

Every couple is different.  From height and weight, to back, side or stomach sleeper.  When it comes to sleeping that can mean very different mattress support and comfort preferences.​  In the past that meant someone had to compromise on having a mattress that supported them.

My Side solves this issue giving you the ability to customise each side of the bed to that persons particular support needs from their bedMATCH profile.​  The side−by−side sleeping zones correspond to you and your partners’ body type and size.

Comfort level is a personal choice.

With your support levels looked after, all you need to decide on is the comfort level of your mattress that you prefer to sleep on.  Comfort is entirely personal and a machine can't decide that for you.