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How to design the ultimate kids bedroom to promote better sleep

9th October 2023 • 4 min read

Ask any new parent what one of the most common questions they’re asked is, and it’s probably some variation of: is your baby sleeping through the night yet?

Establishing a good bedtime routine for your child begins right from the newborn stage, where a baby will sleep anywhere from 14-17 hours a day. As they get older, their sleep patterns change – but the importance of getting a good night’s sleep remains the same.

According to popular Australian parenting network,, sleep “strengthens your child’s immune system and reduces the risk of infection and illness”. It also contributes to their cognitive and emotional development. This means creating good sleep hygiene habits from a young age is essential to maintain your child’s health and happiness.

During Double Bedroom Week, the contestants on The Block 2023 showed us how we can create the perfect sleep environment for our little ones.

Kyle and Leslie’s cosy haven

One of the best ways to promote rest and relaxation is to make your child’s bedroom feel like a sanctuary. Kyle and Leslie from House 1 did precisely that, opting for a serene colour scheme in both rooms. The cool, calming shades of green and blue help to create a soothing sleep environment, while the sconce lighting emits layers of diffused, warm light – a great way to help your child wind down as bedtime approaches.

We loved how they used the Forty Winks Coast Bed Frame to harness the restorative elements of nature, too. Featuring Acacia hardwood, rattan inserts and a stunning driftwood finish, the rustic bed frame complements the beige bed linen and sage cabinetry beautifully and contributes to the room’s tranquil atmosphere. 

Nothing ensures a good night’s sleep like a quality mattress, of course. Both of Kyle and Leslie’s rooms feature the Forty Winks Active Sleep Venetian Mattress, which has gel-infused visco memory foam layers and a nested pocketed spring system for superior comfort and optimal support. Plus, a breathable gusset around the top of the mattress promotes air flow, helping to regulating your child’s body temperature during the night.


Leah and Ash in House 2 added a burst of colour with the Forty Winks Ascent Deluxe Upholstered Gas Lift Base in Beachcomber Aqua.

Leah and Ash’s whimsical wonderland

While the rest of your home might feature subtle, restrained hues, your child’s bedroom is a great place to experiment with vibrant colour schemes. Research shows that contrasting colours can aid development and promote engagement within babies and young children, and contestants Leah and Ash in House 2 really leaned into this with two bold, colourful bedrooms.

In one room, they used a bright pink curtain canopy to create a quiet reading nook; in the other, they added a burst of colour with the Forty Winks  Lush Upholstered Bedhead with Ascent Deluxe Upholstered Gas Lift base in Beachcomber Aqua. These bright hues create a joyful atmosphere, which is a great way to make your child feel relaxed and at home.


Kristy and Brett in House 3 chose the Forty Winks Lincoln 4 Poster Upholstered Bed Frame for a sophisticated look.

Kristy and Brett’s stylish utopia

Another way to help your child feel comfortable and at ease within their space is to ensure it reflects their individual style. Kristy and Brett in House 3 showed us that kids’ bedrooms are all about using your imagination and injecting a bit of personality. Their animal-themed bedroom features an endearing jungle-themed wallpaper that’s perfect for little ones, while the combination of botanical wallpaper and timeless furnishings in the second bedroom suits adolescents through to young adults.

The pair also chose the sleek and sophisticated Forty Winks Lincoln 4 Poster Upholstered Bed Frame and matched it with the Forty Winks Lincoln Wide Bedside Table – a great place to stow away electronic devices before bed and encourage unruly teenagers to keep their space tidy.


Steph and Gian in House 4 used the Forty Winks Boori range to make space for soothing bedtime activities.

Steph and Gian’s bedtime sanctuary

In House 4, Steph and Gian’s bedrooms are the perfect example of how you can establish and maintain a good bedtime routine for your child. The pair made the most of the floor space, using several products from the brand new Forty Winks Boori range – including the Boori Thetis Square Table and Boori Thetis Chair – to create designated zones for soothing bedtime activities like reading, drawing and quiet play.

We also love how Steph and Gian made the bedheads the focal point of each room. The shared bedroom has the Forty Winks Avenue Upholstered Bedhead and Vogue Base in Copeland Olive, while the single bedroom has the stunning new Forty Winks Dune Bedhead and Vogue Base in Copeland Honey. Both bed heads make beautiful design features and create a cohesive and stylish look.

Eliza & Liberty’s practical oasis

Keeping your child’s bedroom neat and tidy is a key part of maintaining good sleep hygiene. Not only are children easily distracted by toys, books and any other items within reach when they’re trying to fall asleep, one study found that tidying up before bed may improve quality of sleep. Getting kids to clean up after themselves isn’t always an easy task, of course – but Eliza and Liberty’s bedrooms in House 5 show us how practical storage and inbuilt cabinetry provide a simple solution.

If you have limited floor space, the Forty Winks Bella Bed Frame with Gas Lift Storage is a great option. With its ample inbuilt storage, it makes decluttering after play time a breeze. Eliza and Liberty also integrated various breakout zones throughout their bedrooms, including a cosy reading nook with a canopy that can be closed to hideaway toys and books when it’s time for bed.

Ready to start designing your child’s bedroom? Explore our product range here.