Mattress Recycling with Forty Winks & Soft Landing

Forty Winks is proud to be partnered with Soft Landing, a national scheme, led by a social enterprise that specialises in diverting old and used mattresses from landfill and recovering components through recycling.

Operating across VIC, NSW, ACT and WA, Soft Landing has successfully recycled over 1 million mattresses, 16,000 tonne of steel springs, 7,000 tonne of timber and 5,000 tonne of foam.

What Soft Landing do

Soft Landing was designed to be self-sustaining and capable of growth, and works with councils across the country to prevent the illegal dumping of mattresses. It aims to provide access to sustainable employment and training, as well as improved economic wellbeing, social, physical and mental health.

How does it work?

Once collected, Soft Landing recycles up to 75% of all mattress components:

- Steel springs can be recycled into products such as roof sheeting
- Mattress foam can be recycled into carpet underlays
- Bedframe timber and husk can be recycled into kindling, mulch matting and animal bedding
- Bed fabrics can be recycled into edn use products such as acoustic panelling

Benefits of mattress recycling

The salvaging and recycling of metal, foam and timber from mattresses prevents thousands of tonnes of landfill waste every year.

Every 10 tonne of recycled materials is equivalent to:
- Taking four cars off the road permanently
- Providing enough electricity to annually power 14.5 households.
- Saving enough water to fill 3.5 average-sized backyard pools

What types of mattresses can be recycled?

Soft Landing is currently accepting the following types of mattresses for recycling:

- Memory foam and plain foam mattresses
- Pocket sprung mattresses
- Coil sprung mattresses
- Latex mattresses
- Ensemble bases
- Orthopaedic mattresses
- Pillow top mattresses
- Futon mattresses


How do I send my mattress to Soft Landing?

Currently, Soft Landing has five drop-off points across NSW, ACT, WA (drop-off is currently unavailable in VIC). You can find their locations here. If you are unable to drop off your mattress, collections can be booked online here

Select Forty Winks locations are accepting drop-offs on behalf of Soft Landing. To find out if your local store is participating, and to organise a drop off, use our store finder.

How much does mattress recycling cost?

Mattress recycling costs vary depending on state and collection method. To find out more pricing information, as well as drop-off point locations, click here.