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Mattress size comparison guide

Here are the seven most common Australian bed sizes with mattress dimensions in both metric and imperial.

Single uni student? Couple with a fur-baby? Family of four? Whatever stage of life you’re at, you need a bed to match.

Choose the right sized bed for you right now, our Australian bed sizes guide is the perfect starting point.

Bed Type Metric Imperial
S Single 92 x 188 cm 3'0" x 6'2"
LSLong Single 92 x 203 cm 3'0" x 6'8"
KSKing Single 107 x 203 cm 3'6" x 6'8"
DDouble 138 x 188 cm 4'6" x 6'2"
QQueen 153 x 203 cm 5'0" x 6'8"
KKing 183 x 203 cm 6'0" x 6'8"
SKSuper King 203 x 203 cm 6'8" x 6'8"

Which bed size to choose?

Single size bed dimensions

92cm x 188cm

A single bed provides enough sleeping space for one person. At 92cm x 188cm, it's compact and well suited for kids bedrooms, as well as apartment and studio living. The single bed is also known as a twin bed in the USA.

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Long single size bed dimensions

92cm x 203cm

Tall people, this one’s for you. 16cm longer than a single bed, the long single bed dimensions are 92cm x 203cm, which means warm feet – at last!

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King single size bed dimensions

107cm x 203cm

Perfect for growing kids, teens, and big kids who fall asleep after lunch. The king single dimensions are 107cm x 203cm, making it both wider and longer than a traditional single bed.

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Double size bed dimensions

138cm x 188cm

Also known as a full bed, the double bed dimensions are 138cm x 188cm. Because the length remains standard, the double bed is ideal for teens and adults alike. It’s also suited to uni students or young adults moving out of home for the first time.

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Queen size bed dimensions

153cm x 203cm

Our most popular mattress size, the queen bed dimensions are 153cm x 203cm. The extra space is great for individuals wanting more space, couples of all ages, and parents with kids who reckon there’s room for everyone on a Saturday morning.

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King size bed dimensions

183cm x 203cm

The king size bed dimensions are 183cm x 203cm. It’s our largest traditional sized bed and is best for couples or individuals in search of optimal, undisturbed sleep.

Did you know? You can order two single long beds for your adjustable or split king bed base.

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Super king bed dimensions

203cm x 203cm

Love to stretch out? The super king bed is a level up from the king bed, delivering an extra 20cm in width measuring at 203cm x 203cm. This one’s for the deluxe sleeper (aka the starfish) in all of us.

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Other beds

Bed frames

The supporting framework of a mattress is a bed frame to match. They're available in various colours, materials and styles to bring your bedroom to life.

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Bunk beds

Bunk beds are two individual beds, stacked one on top of the other. A great option for kids bedrooms, with fun and space-saving practicality included.

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Single over double bunk beds

Single over double bunk beds are similar to traditional bunk beds, however, the size of the mattress differs with a single mattress (92cm x 188cm) above a double mattress (137cm x 188cm).

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Trundle beds

Trundle beds or underbeds are low, sometimes collapsable beds stored under an existing bed. Perfect for guests and unexpected sleepovers.

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