Styling a teen boys bedroom

Some boys aren’t interested in styling their bedrooms. And let’s face it, if you can get their head out of the video game they're playing, and get more than a grunt back, you're winning.

The room canvas

In our teen years we are still developing who we are and what we like. By keeping it simple and clean we are giving them a place they can grow and add things to that over time will help them develop their own style.

A drawer bed takes up wasted space with storage.

Fitting the bones

Pictured: Quinn

Woods are great. They offer a variety different stains and textures, from hard woods to veneers there is pretty much anything for any budget.  Woods can take a pretty good beating and offer sturdy construction.

Pictured: Jamie


Dressing up

Keep bed linen, quilt covers and accessories pretty simple. Simple colours, geometric designs will suit any room. But more importantly put this all on a good mattress! Boys grow the most and fastest in their teens. Their bodies and bones need good support.

Pictured: Oliver

Pictured: Lexicon

Top 5 tips

  1. Don’t try to style the room based on what the rest of the house looks like.
  2. Under bed storage are great for keeping bulky sports stuff.
  3. A desk will encourage homework to be done.
  4. Keep linen so simple designs, geometrics, stripes, etc.
  5. If you have a tall boy go for a long single or king single. A double is great if there is room.