Everything about you is unique.
Including how you sleep.

Ensure your next bed is matched perfectly to you with the bedMATCH® diagnostic system
exclusive to Forty Winks.

Just like your fingerprint, your body type and sleep patterns are unique.

Getting a bedMATCH® profile exclusively at Forty Winks can identify your unique sleep needs. And it's as easy as lying on a mattress for less than three minutes.

Using 18 statistical measurements, over a thousand scientific calculations and the information you provide to your Forty Winks sleep specialist during consultation, we'll be able to identify a selection of mattresses to match your individual needs.

Why is it important to get the right pillow and mattress?

It comes down to one word; support. When you lie on a mattress and pillow while you're awake. your muscles are engaged in supporting your body. When your body falls into REM sleep your muscles completely relax, forcing you to rely on the mattress and pillow to provide support to your body, neck and spine.

If your spine is not properly supported, it can lead to back pain and sleep disturbances, which can decrease your sleep quality and reduce your body's ability to restore itself. Pillows come in different shapes, heights and materials to support your neck, head and particular sleeping profile.

bedMATCH®, exclusive to Forty Winks, identifies your unique sleep needs and matches you to the right mattress across all leading brands.

My Side, the customisable mattress solution

A My Side mattress is made specifically to work with the bedMATCH diagnostic system and crafted to meet scientifically-calculated levels of support. With the ability to customise each side of the mattress to you and your partners specific body support requirements provided by bedMATCH, you will finally sleep without compromise.