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Bedding Glossary

Have you ventured into the world of beds and felt overwhelmed? You're not alone. With so many different materials and bedding types used to describe mattresses or an entire bedroom suite, it's no wonder we're all confused. However, given the importance of buying beds, understanding industry language is key.

Our glossary is here to help you know more about beds and mattresses, bedding and bedroom furniture. From Armoire to Ottoman and everything in between, you'll never feel lost again. Beds terminology can be confusing.



A free-standing bedroom cabinet used as storage for clothes and other valuables, similar to a wardrobe. Made from wood, an armoire generally features two doors opening outwards, with extra storage compartments inside.


Bed dimensions

This is the length, width and height of the bed and all its parts. This also applies to mattresses.


Refers to the all materials on the bed including linens, sheets, doonas, blankets and pillows. In certain circumstances, the mattress itself can be included as bedding.

Bed frames

The entire supporting framework of the bed. The bed frame secures the headboard and footboard in place while supporting the mattress and/or bed-base.

Bedroom furniture

Furniture placed in the bedroom as a set or individual pieces including, the bed itself, tallboys, dressers and bedside tables. Bedroom furniture is available in a host of different styles and designs including contemporary, traditional and antique.

Bedroom set

An entire matching furniture collection including bed, chests, benches, mirrors, dressers and bedside tables. These pieces combine to create a unified theme and meet any and all storage needs.


The bed's supporting framework. Also known as a bedframe.


Also known as a 'Trunk', the bedroom bench sits at the end of the bed for storage and decorative purposes.

Bolster pillows

The generally decorative bolster pillow is most commonly used to accentuate and complement daybeds and futons.

Box springs beds

Designed to support the mattress and often referred to as the 'Bed base', the box spring is the cloth covered, sturdy wooden frame upon which the softer mattress sits.

Box top beds

The top layer of the mattress designed to increase comfort.

Bunk beds

Generally used in children's bedrooms, Bunk Beds function as two individual beds, stacked one on top of the other to create space in the bedroom.

Bunkie board beds

Similar to a slatted deck and used on bunk beds or daybeds, the bunkie board is a two-inch thick wooden slat system supporting the mattress on bunk beds or daybeds.


Similar to the 'dresser', the bureau is a chest of drawers for the bedroom.

Bycast Leather / PU leather

A synthetic, man-made upholstery product consisting of a thick polyurethane layer.


Canopy beds

Four-poster beds connected together by rods at the top, canopy beds are generally available in either iron or wood and allow fabrics to be draped over the bed.

Centre glide

A centre track that a drawer glides on.

Chaise lounge

An elongated chair, sofa or daybed designed for reclining, the chaise lounge can include a single arm-rest and back support.


Designed to store precious belongings and valuables while adding to the existing décor, Chests are available in a host of finishes and styles.

Contemporary beds

A contemporary style includes clean, modern, understated lines and promotes a relaxed, casual environment.

Country beds

A country bed is derived from classic American and European country designs and often includes hand-made, rustic pieces crafted from solid timbers.  



Generally the size of a twin or single bed, it includes sides, a back and, at times, storage space underneath, daybeds are a practical alternative which can be situated both inside and outside the home.

Daybed back

Providing support when the daybed is being used for traditional seating, the large, ornate back piece is what separates the daybed from other contemporary furniture.

Daybed mattress

Designed specifically for use with the daybed, the daybed mattress is typically thinner and lighter than traditional twin mattresses. It can be lifted with ease to access the storage space beneath.

Daybed sides

Daybed sides provide support for the daybed back.


The deck can be either a link spring deck, poly deck or slatted deck and is designed to support the mattress of the daybed.

Double bed

Also known as a full bed. A 53" x 75" mattress fits this bed. The double bed isn’t necessarily suitable for tall people, as the length remains standard. For more mattresses sizes, see our bed size guide (link to bed size guide page).

Double ended frame

Bed frame that supports both a headboard and footboard.

Dressers Storage for clothes and other belongings.

Dressers are typically designed to complement existing bedroom furniture and furnishings.  


Engineered bed frame

Strong metal bed frames designed to support the mattress and bed base.

Entertainment centre

A shelving unit designed to support a television, stereo or other audio-visual (AV) equipment.


Faux leather beds

Beds created with artificial leather to give a similar look to leather without the cost.

Flat packed

Flat-packed furniture is supplied in a ready-to-assemble kit and includes all parts and fastening tools. It’s designed for easy transportation and for you to assemble at home.

Four poster bed

A bed with four posts, created from iron or wood.


Using self locking devices at each corner, the frame connects the headboard, footboard and bedposts together to serve as the structural support of the entire bed mattress system.

Futon beds

Comprising the futon base and mattress, the futon is a sturdy, low-lying piece of furniture that functions as both couch and bed, where required. Futons are crafted from a host of materials and available in most sizes.

Futon covers

The futon cover, similar to a regular bed sheet, covers the entire surface of the futon mattress but is generally more resilient due to a futon’s increased susceptibility to wear and tear.

Futon frame

The mechanism enabling the futon to switch between bed and couch. Futon mattress The mattress designed specifically to suit the Futon.


Hard / solid wood beds

Hard or Solid Wood, crafted for the frame of the bed, is solid in name and nature, providing the most stable, sustainable bed possible.


Often designed for aesthetic purposes only, the headboard can act as a decorative feature point for the bed while also providing stability.

High riser

Often described as the “pop-up trundle bed”, the high-riser is a mechanism underneath a daybed that allows a separate mattress to be pulled out when necessary.

Home assembly

The building, construction or assembly of separate parts, generally from a flat-packed item, into a single piece of furniture at home.


A low bedroom cabinet including doors and shelves.

Hutch mirror

A mirror incorporated into a bedroom cabinet.


Kids’ beds

Beds designed specifically for children's bedrooms. Generally, accompanying bedroom furniture will be available with the purchase of Kids' Beds.

King size bed

Also known as an Eastern King. A 76" x 80" mattress fits this bed frame / base. For more mattresses sizes, see our bed size guide


Link spring deck

Generally used in the construction of daybeds, the link spring deck system, includes intertwined, thin wires, and is one of three main deck types used to support the mattress.

Link spring frame

The link spring frame is traditionally a steel frame designed to support the mattress of a daybed. The link spring frame serves as an alternative to a bed base.

Loft bed

A bed removed from the floor, set above a desk or open space. The loft bed can often include a built-in desk and multiple ladders for access.



As the soft, upper layer of the bed, the mattress may be the most integral ingredient in ensuring a good night's sleep. With mattress technology advancing by the day, customised comfort and support are widely available. The mattress is available in a host of sizes and styles. For more mattresses sizes, see our bed size guide

Metal beds

Bedframes constructed of metal, steel or iron.

Metal and wood beds

Beds constructed of mixed woods or metal, designed and manufactured to provide structural integrity.


A reflective surface to either add a finishing touch to the bedroom, or provide the illusion of larger space.


A modern style is up-to-date with the design of the current era and includes sharp, linear design and simple fabrics. Modesty and modernity tend to go hand-in-hand.



Also known as bedside tables, the nightstand functions as complementary bedroom furniture. It’s also a practical resting place for valuables and a storage unit with pull-out drawers.



An upholstered seat, couch or footrest often including storage space within.



Pillows offer crucial support for the head while sleeping. Available in various shapes and sizes, manufactured with different materials. Find out which pillow is right for you.

Pillow top

The top, pocketed section of the mattress adding extra support and comfort.

Platform beds

Consisting of a hard, flat, wooden base in place of a traditional bed-base, Platform beds provide a modern, firm-cushioning alternative in mattress support.

Poly Deck

Constructed of several small supporting coils, the Poly Deck is one of three main types of mattress support.

Poly Inserts

One of many variable materials used as filling for pillows.

Pop-up trundle

Same as High Riser.

Pull-out trundle bed

The pull-out trundle bed, similar to the high riser, allows one bed to pull out from inside or underneath another bed. Popular in children's bedroom furniture, the pull-out trundle bed is a practical way to store a second bed and save on space.


Queen bed

Queen is the most common mattress size, ideal for two people sleeping comfortably. The queen mattress measures 152cm x 203cm (60" wide x 80" long). For more mattresses sizes, see our bed size guide.



Rails provide support for bunk beds and daybeds. Available in aluminium, metal or steel. Real leather beds Beds made with real leather.


Single beds

Also known as a twin bed. A 38" x 75" mattress fits this bed.

Single ended frame

Bed frame that supports just a headboard.

Slat system beds

A system of support using wooden slats as a structure for the mattress and bed base.

Slatted deck

Mattress support for daybeds and bunk beds comprising of wooden or metal cross slats.

Sleigh beds

A bed resembling the aesthetic design of a sleigh and smooth, curved lines are synonymous with the design of the sleigh bed. Solid brass An alloy of Zinc and Copper, solid Brass makes a unique statement in traditional bedding design.

Storage beds

Designed with practicality in mind, storage beds can include either pull out drawers on the front or side of the bed, or storage space beneath the mattress itself. Style This is the atmosphere you’re trying to set in a room.


Throw pillows

Decorative pillows usually used on a sofa or daybed, throw pillows or cushions come in a host of sizes, shapes, colours and designs.

Toy chests

No children's bedroom is complete without a toy chest. Often designed to blend into the decor of a kids bedroom, toy chests can be referred to as benches and will preserve precious space as storage units.


Synonymous with cherry and mahogany woods, traditional style has historical roots and will generally be built to last. Trundle beds A low or collapsible bed which is stored under another bed.

Twin bed

Also known as a single bed. A 38" x 75" mattress fits this bed. For more mattresses sizes, see our bed size gui/help-faqs/bed-size-guidede.


Veneered wood beds

Veneered wood is typically very thin wood utilised in the construction of doors, tops and cabinet panels.



This type of bed is distinguished by its use of liquid, rather than coils, for support. Wood beds Beds furnished entirely from wood, be it solid wood, oak, maple, mahogany or timber.