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Which Pillow is Right For You?

9th February 2021 • 2 min read

Your choice of pillow is just as important as the mattress you choose to lie on. But what type of pillow is the right one for you, and how do you care for it? 

How do you sleep at night?

The position in which you sleep ultimately determines the type of support your head and neck requires during the night.

Studies show that sleeping on your side is the most preferred sleeping position for all ages, however nearly 40% of us wake up from sleeping in the fetal position. For both types of sleepers, a firm feel pillow is recommended to ensure a sufficient amount of support is provided.

While only 8% of adults do so, sleeping flat on your back is recommended by sleep experts to ensure your head, neck, and spine are provided even support. To enhance the support, a medium or firm memory foam pillow is recommended. Memory foam pillows conform to your head and neck to provide additional comfort and reduce movement and restlessness in the night.

Though not recommended, many of us choose to, or unwillingly end up sleeping flat on our stomachs. If you find yourself waking up on your stomach with a sore neck, chances are your pillow is too firm to adjust to your body’s natural sleeping habits. To prevent this, a soft pillow may help support your head as you toss and turn.

How do I care for pillows?

Every pillow brand and type will recommend various care techniques and lifespans. However, older pillows may not provide the comfort and support that they originally promised, which in turn can lead to back and neck issues. Pillowcases also play an important role in the care of your pillow. Though we may change our pillowcases often, pillows themselves, especially old ones, can be home to a variety of unpleasantries, including dust mites, dead skin, mould and fungi. This can pose health issues for those susceptible to allergies and weaker immune systems. As a general rule, It’s suggested that you replace your pillows every 12-18 months, but this can vary depending on the quality and durability of the pillow you currently use. Not sure which pillow is the right one for you? Not only does our exclusive bedMATCH system take the confusion out of buying a mattress, it can also recommend the best pillow for your own unique sleeping habits.

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