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MySide by bedMATCH®

Sleep doesn't need to be a compromise. MySide, exclusive to Forty Winks, lets you personalise your side of the bed based on your individual support needs as determined by our bedMATCH® technology. It's two beds in one.

One side for you and one for your partner.


How it works

To match you and your partner to a personalised Myside mattress, best suited to both your body types and unique sleep needs, you simply need to create your personalised sleep solution in-store with bedMATCH®. bedMATCH® is a patented diagnostic system exclusive to Forty Winks designed to take confusion out of buying a bed.

The bedMATCH® test bed has a built-in computer system and sensors that run over 1,000 scientific calculations across 18 statistical body measurements including your height, the width of your shoulders, hips and waist. The system utilises the data and determines you and your partner's correct levels of postural support. Then, one our friendly Sleep Specialists can recommend a selection of MySide mattresses that are personalised to you and your partner because sleep shouldn't be a compromise.


Create your unique BedMATCH® profile

Experience bedMATCH® in-store to determine you and your partner's individual sleep needs


Get your personalised results

Discover your unique colour profile which will determine your MySide mattress make up


Select mattress

Our Sleep Specialists will recommend the perfect MySide mattress for both you and your partner.

Learn more about bedMATCH®

What's in a MySide mattress?

Each MySide mattress combines state-of-the-art materials with scientific findings from the bedMATCH diagnostic system to deliver ideal postural support and pressure relief for a great night's sleep.

Ready to personalise your sleep?

Experience bedMATCH and MySide today at your nearest Forty Winks.