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Get back to nature in the bedroom

12th February 2024 • 4 min read

Turn your bedroom into an oasis.

There’s a reason why so many of us escape to nature when we need to reset or recharge. Nothing feels more calming – or uplifting – than being surrounded by trees, fresh air and wide-open spaces. 

So why not weave a bit of nature’s magic into your bedroom set-up? A natural-themed bedroom is more than just a modern design trend – they can also be great for the planet and help improve the quality of your sleep.

Here are our top tips for turning your bedroom into a tranquil and eco-friendly sanctuary. 

Decorate with indoor plants

It turns out indoor plants are good for more than just recreating the ‘cottage-core’ aesthetic that’s all over Tik-Tok – they can also help you breathe easier.

According to the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), “indoor air is 2-5 times more polluted than outdoor air”. This is largely thanks to concentrated volatile organic compounds (known as VOCs) emitted by household objects such as furniture, carpets and cleaning products. 

You might not know they’re there, but VOCs can cause a range of problems, including headaches, nausea, and – you guessed it – sleeplessness and fatigue. The good news is that indoor plants are natural air filters. They can reduce airborne contaminants (including VOCs) in indoor spaces by as much as 75-90 per cent – enhancing your overall health, wellbeing, and let’s face it, probably your sleep too. 

Snake plants, peace lilies, aloe vera and bamboo palms are often cited as being some of the best indoor plants for improving air quality. Experts say you should aim to have one medium sized plant per 2.2 square metres to effectively remove indoor pollutants.

Ready to run to your local plant nursery? Us, too. 


The new Australian-made Olive collection from Crown Posture Bedding is a great way to create a more sustainable sleep space.

Let there be (natural) light

There’s nothing more alluring than a bright, light-filled space, and it could just be the key to better sleep.  

According to the Sleep Health Foundation, sunlight keeps your circadian rhythm in check and aligns your body clock with the day and night. During the day, it naturally suppresses production of the ‘sleep hormone’ melatonin. When the sun goes down, melatonin levels increase, signalling to your body that it’s time to sleep.

That’s why having access to plenty of natural light is great for your sleep-wake cycle. East-facing bedrooms get lots of light in the morning, whereas people with south-facing bedrooms tend to enjoy it consistently throughout the day. 

Of course, if your bedroom is on the darker side, you might not be keen on doing a full knock-down rebuild. Regardless, it doesn’t cost a thing to pull up the blinds, open the curtains and let the sunshine in. It’ll help you wake up in the morning and keep you alert and focused throughout the day. 

Another neat perk of having a natural light-filled bedroom is that you’ll be less reliant on electricity – which is better for the environment (and your bank account).

Choose the right mattress

If you want to create a more sustainable sleep space, your mattress is a great place to start. The new Australian-made Olive collection from Crown Posture Bedding, which is exclusive to Forty Winks, prioritises eco-friendly materials without compromising on luxury or comfort. It’s the perfect fit for sustainable homes of all shapes and sizes. 

The Crown Posture Bedding Olive Ena Mattress, for example, is made with natural fibres and wrapped in a zero-carbon emission Tencel knit cover, which provides a soft, breathable and highly absorbent surface. Plus, the European natural seven-zone latex structure is designed to promote spinal alignment.

The Crown Posture Bedding Olive Tria Mattress is crafted from ethically sourced Athenian wool, chemical-free Grecian cotton, and natural Belgian latex. The latex core also sits upon a soy-infused stabiliser, which helps to minimise partner disturbance and support a restful night’s sleep. 

Lastly, the Crown Posture Bedding Olive Dio Mattress, offers the same luxurious design features – including soft, breathable wool to regulate temperature; a cosy cotton surface; and latex for optimal spinal alignment and pressure relief.


Ethically sourced Athenian wool, chemical-free Grecian cotton, and natural Belgian latex ensure a good night’s sleep.

Keep your cool

If you’re prone to overheating, night sweats, or just struggle to sleep on summer nights, choosing the right bedding and pillows can help regulate your temperature so you don’t have to switch on the air conditioner, fan or heater. The result? A smaller carbon footprint and better night’s sleep. A moisture-wicking bedding set with natural antibacterial properties is perfect for those who struggle with feeling just a little too hot, or a little too cold at night. Likewise, the right pillow can help with thermoregulation and ensure a good night’s sleep. Forty Winks has a range of products to help you keep your cool.

Discover the Olive collection from Crown Posture Bedding, exclusive to Forty Winks.

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