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Forty Winks’ 40th birthday

3rd April 2024 • 4 min read

Serious about sleep since 1984.

1984 was a big year for lots of reasons. Ghostbusters was the highest grossing film; the $1 coin was introduced in Australia for the first time; and Forty Winks officially opened its doors. 

Starting out as a small cooperative with only a handful of stores in Victoria, Forty Winks has grown significantly over the last four decades. Today, we’re Australia’s leading bedding retail specialist – with a network that spans over 100 family-owned and operated stores across the country.

To celebrate our 40th anniversary, we’re looking back on our journey so far with some of the people who have helped get us to where we are today. 

Decades of dedication

Two of our long-standing employees are Libby Kulas, our product support coordinator, and Peter Meaney, our head of merchandise. Between them, they have more than 41 years of experience working at Forty Winks. 

Libby originally began her career with us in 1999 as a receptionist. 

“Time has really flown by,” she says. “I’ve been fortunate to be given opportunities to move into different roles over the years, so I’ve learnt about different aspects of the business and worked with great people along the way.”

Peter has worked at Forty Winks for a total of 16 years over two stints. His current role involves working with suppliers on product ranges, collaborating with the marketing team, and gathering insights from individual stores to better contribute to the overall customer experience. 

“It’s the individual nature of our stores as owner-operators in family-run stores – there’s a strong and genuine belief in what we do, we believe in the importance of sleep and genuinely care about helping people get a better night’s sleep,” explains Peter.

A sign of the times

To say that Forty Winks has come a long way is an understatement. As a business, we have evolved significantly over the last 40 years, adapting to the ever-changing needs of our customers whilst remaining a trusted name in the bedding and sleep industry. Technology has been a pivotal part of this evolution – and we’re not just talking about fax machines (even though they were a big part of our communications at one point).

“As you can imagine, a lot of things have changed over the course of nearly 25 years that I’ve been here, namely technology,” explains Libby. “For example, there was no website when I first started or any social media platforms.” 

Forty Winks has also embraced – and pioneered –  major advancements in bedding technology. For one thing, our innovative bedMATCH® system was introduced in 2018 to help take the guesswork out of buying a mattress. The built-in computer system and sensors run over 1000 scientific calculations to determine the level of postural support you need and recommend a selection of mattresses suited to you. Exclusive to Forty Winks, this patented diagnostic system provides customers with a personalised sleep solution. 

Libby says that witnessing the “evolution of support and spring systems, fabric treatments with cooling properties, adjustable bases, and the use of recycled/reclaimed materials” has also been a highlight.

We’re looking back on our journey – and some of the people who have helped get us to where we are today.

Serious about sleep

Despite all these developments, the core vision of our business – to help Australians sleep better – is something that has always remained consistent. 

“For all the technology changes, there are constants that have remained throughout – Forty Winks are bedding retail specialists who are committed to helping our customers get a good night’s sleep,” says Libby. 

Peter and Libby both agree that working at Forty Winks is about more than just selling beds and mattresses – it’s about helping people unlock quality rest and achieve a healthier lifestyle. 

“We are in the health and wellness business. We don’t just sell beds, we find our customers the right beds,” he says.

“Being serious about sleep is about recognising the importance of sleep in our lives and the health and wellbeing implications,” Libby adds.

And the best way to achieve a good night’s sleep? For Peter, it starts with a commitment to a balanced lifestyle. 

“It’s regular exercise, a healthy diet, trying not to eat a heavy meal too close to bedtime and spending some time relaxing and winding down before you lay down to sleep,” he explains.

Of course, boosting your comfort levels will help, too. “It’s also really worth investing in a supportive mattress and pillow – if you know, you know,” says Libby.

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