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Why zero-gravity beds are the future of sleep

22nd March 2024 • 3 min read

Looking for an out-of-this-world sleep experience? It might be time to try a zero-gravity bed.

If you’ve heard the recent buzz around zero-gravity beds, you’re probably wondering what they are – and why they sound like they belong in the golden age of space exploration. 

Contrary to their futuristic name, zero-gravity beds are not some wacky sci-fi sleep solution. They're a modern, science-driven way to elevate your sleep experience. 

So buckle up! We’re delving into the world of zero-gravity beds and explaining how they can improve the way you sleep.

How do zero-gravity beds work?

In a nutshell, zero-gravity beds are adjustable beds that elevate your legs, shoulders and head into a comfortable position while you sleep, replicating that feeling of weightlessness astronauts experience when floating in space. 

In the zero-gravity position, your adjustable bed and compatible mattress can distribute your body weight more evenly, alleviate pressure and provide more support for your spine, neck and hips. 

What are the benefits of a zero-gravity bed?

The short answer? A better night’s sleep. 

Sleeping in an inclined position offers plenty of benefits. A 2022 US study, for example, found that it can help reduce snoring by opening up the airways. If you suffer from another breathing condition such as asthma or sleep apnoea, you may find these symptoms improve while you sleep, too. 

Elevating the body can also assist with issues like acid reflux, heartburn and indigestion, take pressure off your lower back, and improve blood flow and circulation. Need we say more?

But why the sudden hype?

Zero-gravity beds have been around for a while, but many people assumed they were designed exclusively for the elderly. According to Nikki Pol, the training and advocacy managerfor leading bed and mattress brand TEMPUR® Australia the popularity of zero-gravity adjustable mattresses has grown a lot in recent years, especially among those aged 25-45.

She believes this is because people have a better understanding of how important sleep is for our overall health. 

“People are more invested in their health than ever before,” says Nikki. “We know the most important pillar of health is sleep – it is the best way to prepare for anything, and the best way to recover from anything.”

She argues an adjustable bed isn’t just great for your health, but also your lifestyle. “The way people use their beds is changing. We work from home or on our phones, watch movies or read before we go to sleep. It's important that our beds are designed to accommodate these needs.”

TEMPUR® mattresses are defying (zero-) gravity

As the only mattress brand recognised by NASA* and certified by the Space Foundation**, TEMPUR® is leading the way when it comes to zero-gravity beds. All TEMPUR® mattress materials are based on technology that was first developed by NASA scientists for space shuttles in the 1960s, and they’ve continued to refine and perfect them over the last 30 years. 

Plus, their smart bases are equipped with a range of innovative new technologies that take the zero-gravity sleep experience a step further. The Forty Winks TEMPUR® Ergo Smart Adjustable base, for example, includes relaxation programs to help you drift off to sleep faster, while the custom sleep cycle alarm allows you to program a wake up ‘window’, where the bed vibrates when you’re in the lightest phase of sleep. 

“Using TEMPUR® Sleeptracker AI technology, you can gain an in-depth look into your nightly sleep metrics, including heart rate, breathing abnormalities, bedroom environment and provides personalised sleep coaching to help the user achieve better sleep,” says Nikki. 

The base even includes sensors that automatically detect snoring and raise the bed by 12 degrees to help open the airways. Potential side effects include the restoration of marital bliss, though the data remains purely anecdotal at this stage.  


Tempur Ergo Smart Adjustable Base and Rhapsody Pro Plus 27cm Mattress

Finding right zero-gravity bed

If you’re on the hunt for a zero-gravity bed, the Forty Winks TEMPUR® Ease Adjustable base is a perfect option. With the tap of a button, you can get the full zero-gravity experience. The base can be matched with the Forty Winks TEMPUR® Prima Mattress, which is available in both soft and medium firmness. 

One of the most popular adjustable mattresses from TEMPUR® is the Forty Winks TEMPUR® Rhapsody Pro Plus 27 Viscoelastic Mattress. Featuring a breathable cooling cover, it absorbs heat and wicks it away from the body, keeping you cool and comfortable while you’re sleeping. It’s also backed by an industry-leading, 10-year full replacement guarantee for added peace of mind.

Not sure which zero-gravity bed might suit you? Take one small step for man and head over to your local Forty Winks store to try bedMATCH®. Our patented diagnostic system will use over 1000 scientific calculations and 18 body measurements to help find you the perfect zero-gravity mattress for your unique needs. 

*The company and its products were recognised by NASA. At a joint press conference on May 6, 1998, NASA recognised TEMPUR®’s outstanding achievements in adapting the original NASA technology for everyday use and improving the quality of life for humankind.

**TEMPUR® products are certified as "Certified Space Technology" by the Space Foundation, an American non-profit organization, because they contain technologies originally intended for space. Further information about the Space Foundation and its Certified Space Technology program can be found at

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