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Bed & Mattress Care

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1. Comfort

It can take up to three months for your body to properly adjust to the feel and support of your new mattress. Give your body time to conform to your new sleep surface.

2. Rotate your mattress

Rotating your mattress allows for the sleep surface to wear evenly. For a new mattress, rotate it once a fortnight for the first three months. Then, three to four times a year after this. Important! Don't lift or rotate your mattress alone. Always use two people to rotate anything larger than a double bed.

3. Base support

A structurally sound foundation is an important consideration when buying a new mattress. Make sure your base has strong centre support to help prevent your bed from dipping in the middle. Ensure your base is strong enough to support your weight or consider buying a new bed base to make your investment last.

4. Protect your investment

A waterproof mattress protector guards your bed against oils, perspiration, humidity, food and drink. These can seep into the foam and break it down, leading to premature sagging. By keeping your bed protected and dry, you can help preserve the top comfort layer, which will help your mattress retain its shape and ensure your warranty is valid.

5. Warranty

It’s important to keep all documentation after buying your mattress, including the manufacturer’s warranty documentation as well as your receipt.

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Whether you have an innerspring or memory foam mattress, find out how to rotate it with our bed rotation guide.
How do I rotate my mattress

Download the guide

How do I care for my mattress? (3.7 MB, PDF) 

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